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Webinar Funnel in ClickFunnels (download link)


What’s going on, fine looking people?

This is Steve Larsen, and I am super excited to share with you guys the Webinar Funnel.

This is a fantastic funnel…


A while back, I was in college, and I was trying to figure out, “Okay, who can I go provide value to?” I was just trying to find somebody that I could go provide value for.

I was like, “Okay, I’ve got these awesome skills. I build a crapload of funnels. I like selling them. I like selling with them.” I wanted to do it for somebody else, though.

I went, and I found this guy, and I called him, and he was selling high ticket things. This is kind of vague, and I’m so sorry, because I can’t quite share all the details… I can’t always tell names, guys. I’m sorry. I keep confidences. If you guys ever want me to build for you, I’ll do the same for you, if you want. It’s kind of how it is with this one.

Anyways, he was selling these high ticket items. They were about $3,000 a piece. H ...

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The Classic Trip Wire Funnel (download)

[Video transcription]

Good morning! (It’s good morning for me anyway)

What’s going on everybody?

My name is Steve Larsen and I’m excited to show you guys, probably, one of my favorite sales funnels. I know I’ve said that for several of them but, I really like this one.


The trip wire funnel is the classic sales funnel. This is the sales funnel that basically started … I don’t know if I can claim all sales funnels but, basically.

What’s happened is, the internet gets more expensive for businesses to sell and to send traffic to a webpage, and it’s harder to break even. That’s kind of what started it all.

Adding an upsale at the end. Adding a down-sale at the the end. That’s kind of how sales funnels came to be, but you could break even on your ad costs again and actually stay in business…

I’m excited to share with you guys this funnel. This is fantastic. Before I show you this funnel, I want you guys to know how powerful this is.


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How to Create Product Launch Funnels in ClickFunnels

What’s up everyone. My name is Steve Larson and I have a really sad story to tell you guys today, all right? So, I want to tell you guys about what’s called the product launch funnel, but before I do I want to share with you guys a major failure that I had when I was a very, very, young, early, inexperience entrepreneur, okay?


I was awful at school my first semester. I actually failed out of college. I don’t think people know that. Actually, if you’ve been listening to my podcast at all then you probably know that story.

I sucked at college. I sucked at school in general. I barely graduated high school and, I don’t know it’s just my personality. I was, I guess street smart but book dumb.

Anyway I went through and I had to reapply for college and I learned how to learn and that was hard for me to do. I ended up getting basically straight A’s the rest of college.

I graduated with some crazy awards that only ten of us out of my graduating class got. I’m not bragging but I learned a lot, and I learned how to learn.

Th ...

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How To Create A Membership Site In ClickFunnels


I’m super excited for this one. This is one of my favorite funnels ever. This is the membership funnel.

I don’t know if you can call it a funnel. You can use it as a funnel but there’s some incredible power with this.

First off, I just wanted to show you real quick some of the things that I’ve built with this funnel. This is one of the funnels that I have the most experience in when it comes to ClickFunnels.

[Video Transcription] THE GUTS & NUTS You send info in an email or order confirmation page to a customer where new members can register or existing members can login. The content in the members area unlocks based on the products they purchased inside of your sales funnel. (waaaa????) It’s pretty sick. WHO WANTS A MEMBERSHIP SITE? (duh)

This is what I want to show you though. I had a site called Secret MLM Hacks. It was a place where I was showing all these MLMers how to use sales funnels basically inside their MLM.

What I did is I’d said, Hey, I want to have ...

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Using The Email Optin Funnel [in ClickFunnels]

[Video Transcription]

What’s up, everyone.

This is Steve Larsen and I am super excited for you to check out this funnel.

This is the email optin funnel. This is the most classic funnel that there is, right? This is one of the ones that really started it all and ClickFunnels makes it easy to create. This funnel is obviously used for getting someone’s email address, right?

What you’re going to do is you’re going to grab their email so that you can later follow-up with them and, what you do is obviously give something in value in return.

Whatever it may be, but this actually means a lot to me, which I know it sounds a little bit stupid to have affinity for a funnel, but the email opt-in funnel, for me, is actually very, very powerful and important.

Sales Funnel Story Time

Way back in the day, my buddy and I had started a business called FiXD Insurance. You can still check it out, it’s not a business that we’re running or anything, but it’s and, what was funny about it, is we had this product. We were selling smartph ...

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Building A High Ticket, Coaching Sales Funnels



What’s going on everybody. I’m actually very excited to share this with you, which is funny to say about a funnel, but it’s true though.

SALES FUNNEL STORY TIME Honestly I just like this picture… 🙂

Awhile ago, before I was building sales funnels, I got my start studying internet marketing really hardcore. Back in college, I had been learning the basics of marketing, studying all these gurus and their courses.

It funny, because I have a marketing degree and I eventually I got to a class that was supposed to be about internet marketing in college. Well I got there and it was just crappy. It was so bad.

Everything they were teaching was 10 years old. Nothing that they were talking about was really working.

I went to the teacher and and said, “Hey do I really need to do this? Here let me drop this plan and I want to do this the rest of the semester. I don’t want to do your classes.”

This is when I was selling funnels in college

It was kind of forward, but he saw wh ...

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AutoWebinar Sales Funnel (Free Download)


If you can master this funnel, write your own checks and sit back in happy land… 

This funnel is one “bad” mamajama. Lets quickly identify “the crucial’s” of each page (for the sake of not writing a whole blog on the strategy behind each step). Take a look at the diagram below.

THE GUTS & NUTS  A registration page wreathing with curiosity gets someone to register for your webinar…  Your ‘Thank You’ page doubles as a place to run an “Ask Survey” (props to Ryan Levesque) so you can answer the collective questions people have…  An email auto-respond’s to the subscriber’s optin, which includes the “FREE THING” you used to bribe the visitor..  An awesome “Indoctrination Series” pumps out to registrants. While it’s perceived value is through the roof, it’s real purpose is to sell people BEFORE they get on the webinar… The “Live Webinar” page is structured so everyone thinks the presentation is, well… live… (use Russell Brunson’s FunnelU chat box to make the prerecorded w ...

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