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SFR 69: Professional Services Funnel! Special Interview with Yanni Fikaris…

In this 2nd episode of our 6-part series, Yanni shows the funnel behind his painting business…

Steve Larsen:

What’s going on, everyone? This is Steve Larsen, and you’re listening to Sales Funnel Radio. Now, this is part two of our six-part series. This episode, I’m going to dive deep into the professional services category. This is one of the six categories that we know people are using ClickFunnels for especially, and so, number two here is professional services.

Now, if you are a dentist, a lawyer, a doctor, a chiropractor, a painter, anything where there’s a trade involved. Whether or not you had to go to school, there’s high skill involved with the actual service of the product. You’re going to love this episode.

What I did is I’ve interviewed … His name is Yanni Fikaris. You’ll hear the numbers as he talks about it, but he’s pulled 160 grand with $900 in ads–it’s ridiculous!–in only three months. He’s only had a ClickFunnels account since March, which is ridiculous.

Anyway, withou ...

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SFR 68: B2B Funnels?! Special Interview with James Smiley…

James is not only one of the most well connected individuals I’ve ever met, he’s also got his B2B funnel totally dialed in…

Steve Larsen:

What’s going on, everyone? This is Steve Larsen and you’re listening to a very special and frankly quite unique episode of Sales Funnel Radio.


Welcome to Sales Funnel Radio, where you’ll learn marketing strategies to grow your online business using today’s best internet sales funnels, and now, here’s your host, Steve Larsen.

Steve Larsen:

All right, you guys. Hey, I’m super excited to welcome you and our special guest today to the show. This is an episode I’ve never quite done before, and frankly, it’s an area that I personally am still learning about sales funnels and I’m really excited to have him here with us today and I think part the curtain, let the veil down, so to speak. Very, very pumped to learn from him.

Guys, please help me welcome Mr. James Smiley. How you doing?

James Smiley:

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SFR 66: 3 Phases Of Selling In My Funnels…

Here’s a look at some of my favorite selling methods AND how I’m using them in my funnels.

What’s going on everyone? This is Steve Larsen and you are listening to Sales Funnel Radio.

Welcome to Sales Funnel Radio where you’ll learn marketing strategies to grow your online business using today’s best internet sales funnels. And now, here’s your host, Steve Larsen.

Hey, hope you guys are doing good. The last little bit here’s been a little bit busy, we’ve had 4th of July, we had a bunch of family over. We went and bought a ton of fireworks. We blew a whole bunch of stuff up, and it reminded me a lot of my childhood. We used to take them all apart and make our own fireworks. It was not safe, but it was a lot of fun. I had a lot of fun with family over, and it’s just been busy.

There was a lot of people here just enjoying the house, enjoying the place we just moved into, and it’s just been great. It’s been a good experience the last little bit. I just literally have not had the time to podcast. It’s 11:30 at night ...

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Survival & Preppers Niche Funnel (download)

[Video Transcription]

Hey, good morning everybody.

I know I keep saying good morning, but for me it is, so might at as well say it, right.

I like this funnel a lot.


The story behind this funnel and the reason I built this was because I had a buddy who… I’m sure you guys have seen these credit card knives.

If you haven’t you must not have been online in the past five years, so thank you for coming online and welcome back.

Hey, so what’s interesting though is that he went out and he found a company in China and he got like two hundred of them, and we decided that we try and just sell them.

WELL… We sold all two hundred of them in like four hours, and it was just like through different drops into Facebook groups and things like that.

I was like, “Oh, my gosh. This is nuts. The test worked. I might as well go make a funnel now for it,” right?

I went and I created this funnel and it just was awesome. Anyways, as always I thought I would jus ...

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Using The Supplement Funnel In ClickFunnels (download link)


What’s up everybody?

Hey, I’m super excited for this. The Supplement Funnel is one bad mamajama sales funnel. And ClickFunnels makes it crazy easy.

I just want you to know that these specialty funnels, I’m not doing such a long video like I did on the essential ones. The purpose of these Specialty Funnels is to show you how the essential funnels work in a specific industry. I hope that makes sense. These are like the building blocks. Right? These are how the building blocks have been used in specific industries and scenarios.

THE GUTS & NUTS OF THIS SALES FUNNEL First… sell 1 bottle of a supplement Then, offer them 3-5 MORE OF THE SAME THING (crazy to me that this works) … ship it to them (this is seriously one of the most simple but most dollar making funnels I’ve ever seen. I’m shocked this works)

Anyways, I want to talk about the supplement funnel real quick.

Supplement funnel is really cool. This is one from Russell Brunson. What’s neat about this is it’s a little bit counter-intuitive, actually. We’ ...

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Lets’s Talk About The Political Quiz Funnel (download)


Hey, what’s going on everybody?

This is Steve Larsen, and I’m excited for you to be looking at the political quiz funnel.


Right now, I am not going to get into politics, but I will just mention that I don’t know what time you’re watching this video, but Trump and Hillary are still duking it out.

I don’t want to vote for either of them. I don’t like either one of them. I think Trump would do a great job getting the books in order. I think he’d do a great job, because he’s such a good business guy, I think he’d do a good job, but man, the dude is a nutcase. I think he would be crappy for international relations, and be in jail.

With Hilary, I think that because of Benghazi and her own emails, she should be in jail right now. Oh man, and if I just offended anybody, I don’t really care. That’s my opinion, so go get offended by my opinion.

Seriously though, I’m not sure who to vote for.

Okay, so I’m in the Army, right, an ...

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How To Use ClickFunnels For Podcasting (Full Website Download)


Good good morning everyone.

How’s it going?

I’m really excited for this one. I primarily use ClickFunnels. It’s a sales funnel software, right. But I actually use it for websites far more often than people realize you can do.

I want to show you that right now.


When I was back in college I started publishing and I started publishing and I got up to 600+ Periscope followers and I got so many followers because I was publishing. I was getting out there. I had interaction with people. People were coming to me asking for me to help.

It was the easiest way on earth to sell, because I didn’t have to do any outbound marketing besides publish. That’s why podcasting funnels are so important.

I started, I remember I was so nervous. Nobody got on my first periscope video. I think it had 12 views or something like that. I took the videos and I put them on YouTube.

I put a cool template around them and then I took the videos and I put them on a blog. I transcribed them. I did ...

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Webinar Funnel in ClickFunnels (download link)


What’s going on, fine looking people?

This is Steve Larsen, and I am super excited to share with you guys the Webinar Funnel.

This is a fantastic funnel…


A while back, I was in college, and I was trying to figure out, “Okay, who can I go provide value to?” I was just trying to find somebody that I could go provide value for.

I was like, “Okay, I’ve got these awesome skills. I build a crapload of funnels. I like selling them. I like selling with them.” I wanted to do it for somebody else, though.

I went, and I found this guy, and I called him, and he was selling high ticket things. This is kind of vague, and I’m so sorry, because I can’t quite share all the details… I can’t always tell names, guys. I’m sorry. I keep confidences. If you guys ever want me to build for you, I’ll do the same for you, if you want. It’s kind of how it is with this one.

Anyways, he was selling these high ticket items. They were about $3,000 a piece. H ...

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The Classic Trip Wire Funnel (download)

[Video transcription]

Good morning! (It’s good morning for me anyway)

What’s going on everybody?

My name is Steve Larsen and I’m excited to show you guys, probably, one of my favorite sales funnels. I know I’ve said that for several of them but, I really like this one.


The trip wire funnel is the classic sales funnel. This is the sales funnel that basically started … I don’t know if I can claim all sales funnels but, basically.

What’s happened is, the internet gets more expensive for businesses to sell and to send traffic to a webpage, and it’s harder to break even. That’s kind of what started it all.

Adding an upsale at the end. Adding a down-sale at the the end. That’s kind of how sales funnels came to be, but you could break even on your ad costs again and actually stay in business…

I’m excited to share with you guys this funnel. This is fantastic. Before I show you this funnel, I want you guys to know how powerful this is.


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How to Create Product Launch Funnels in ClickFunnels

What’s up everyone. My name is Steve Larson and I have a really sad story to tell you guys today, all right? So, I want to tell you guys about what’s called the product launch funnel, but before I do I want to share with you guys a major failure that I had when I was a very, very, young, early, inexperience entrepreneur, okay?


I was awful at school my first semester. I actually failed out of college. I don’t think people know that. Actually, if you’ve been listening to my podcast at all then you probably know that story.

I sucked at college. I sucked at school in general. I barely graduated high school and, I don’t know it’s just my personality. I was, I guess street smart but book dumb.

Anyway I went through and I had to reapply for college and I learned how to learn and that was hard for me to do. I ended up getting basically straight A’s the rest of college.

I graduated with some crazy awards that only ten of us out of my graduating class got. I’m not bragging but I learned a lot, and I learned how to learn.

Th ...

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