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SFR 1: Interview – Danny Walsh Helps Newbs Make Their First $1,000 Online

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Steve Larsen: All right everyone, hey. I’m super excited for this, this is going to be a treat and its very rare. There’s a few people I go through and I interview, and they don’t know much about ClickFunnels or the world that I live in, but that’s not the case for this time. You guys have the special privilege of listening to Mr. Danny Walsh, thank you so much for joining us.

Danny Walsh: Thank you Stephen, thank you so much for having me on the show.

Steve Larsen: I’m really pumped about this. Its funny, so I was interviewing Jen Goodwin, I don’t know when that was, it was a couple of weeks ago and after the show she kept messaging me, she’s like, “You have got to interview this guy, Danny Walsh. He’s the man, he’s helped me with all my stuff,” and so I’ve been really excited for this. She kept telling me, “I use him for building all this stuff.” Do you mind telling us a little bit about what you’re doing for Jen?

Danny Walsh: The work that I’m doing with Jen and in general is about building a partnership ...

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